Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Where, I Hope, You Will Soon Find Me

Menri Monastery is dedicated to the preservation of the Bon religion. It is devoted to the religious training and practice of a new generation of students who will be responsible for keeping the indigenous Tibetan spiritual and cultural traditions alive.

From The Monastery of Christ in the Desert Abbot's Notebook

When I returned from Mexico last week, I brought with me His Holiness, the 33rd Menri Trizin, the Abbot of the Bön Monastery of Menri in northern India and the religious leader of all Bönpo people throughout the world. Three monks came with him at that time: Chongtul, Jamay and Chime Yungdrung.

Since the year 2000 our Monastery has had a very special relationship with the Bönpo and with the Monastery of Menri. Every year we have some kind of exchange of monks between our Monasteries. This began in the year 2000 with the arrival here of Sogyal and Dugsay, two young monks of Menri. After a month with us, they returned to their Monastery of Menri. Then their Abbot, His Holiness, wrote to me asking if I would come and visit them and bring with me two young monks from Christ in the Desert to spend some time with them. After finding a benefactor who would be willing to fund such an interchange, I did go to Menri in 2001 and took two young monks with me.

Connections and reconnections abounding...

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