Thursday, March 24, 2005

Errata: Forward Retreat by Mark Tansey

Courtesy of Shelton Walsmith:

Page 133: The reproduction of Forward Retreat by Mark Tansey is upside down and reversed.

Corrected image.

Mark Tansey from

I think of the painted picture as an embodiment of the very problem that we face with the notion "reality." The problem or question is, which reality? In a painted picture, is it the depicted reality, or the reality of the picture plane, or the multidimensional reality the artist and viewer exist in? That all three are involved points to the fact that pictures are inherently problematic. This problem is not one that can or ought to be eradicated by reductionist or purist solutions. We know that to successfully achieve the real is to destroy the medium; there is more to be achieved by using it than through its destruction.

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Oggy said...

That is not an errata. Your corrected image is actually showing it backwards as the painting is of a reflection in water. Notice the garbage breaking the image.