Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rare Text Images from the Clendening Library

Reisch, Gregor (d. 1525).
Margarita Philosophica.
Freiburg, Johannes Schottus, 1503.

The Margarita Philosophica (The Philosophical Pearl),
a well known encyclopedia of science,
was a very influential book of the early Renaissance period.
The book was edited by Gregor Reisch, (1467-1525)
a Carthusian monk and prior of the monastery at Freiburg.
Reisch was also confessor to the Emperor Maximilian I.

Bell, John (1763-1820).
The principles of surgery.

Mesmer, Franz Anton (1734-1815).
Lettre d'un Medecin de la Faculte de Paris, A un Medecin du College de Londres.
A la Haye, 1781.

Mesmer promoted his system of treatment, based on his confused doctrine of a
universal magnetic fluidinfluencing tides and men alike,
with books and great personal showmanship.
His treatment became such a popular health care sensation in France
that it was as mucha social movement as a medical practice.

Genga, Bernardino (1655?-1734?)
Anatomia per uso et intelligenza del disegno ricercata
non solo su gl'ossi, e muscoli del corpo humano ma dimostrata
ancora su le statue antiche piu insigni di Roma.
Delineata in piu tavole con tutte le figure in varie faccie, e vedute.

This exhibit displays hundreds of images from medical and natural history texts, most of which were printed before 1800. They are organized by theme: diagnostics, human body, imaging, instruments, physician-patient culture, portraits, public health, reproduction, reproduction instruments, therapeutics. The Clendening Library encourages educational use of the images at no charge. If you wish to use images for publication or commercial purposes, higher quality (300 dpi tiff) images are available for a nominal fee by contacting the Clendening Library.

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