Thursday, May 10, 2007

Later. Tonight, maybe.

From the DC's:

For as long as I can remember, 5-meo-dmt has held its reputation as the most intense psychedelic drug available. It lasts 10-30 minutes and, yeah, basically rewires you: bring on the identity crisis, communion with imaginary winged whatnot, You Can Never Go Home Again. It's never had a name, really; people simply call it 5-meo-dmt.

To close: a scene from my eventual memoir. 2002: I'm visiting some friends at Stanford and we all eat 2ci. Some of us also take mdma. We're wandering around campus when I spot 'Sasha' and Ann Shulgin in front of the bookstore. Incoherently, I attempt to illustrate for my friends who the Shulgins are, how important they are. My friends encourage me to go say hi, and I wobble between feeling totally confident, and feeling totally confident that I'll make an ass of myself. For God's Sake, It's The Shulgins!! Would they really want to hear 'hey, right now I'm tripping on a drug you invented!'? They must hear it all the time, right?

I get pushed in the Great Couple's direction, so I approach them. I see them drawn in that 1960s style popular on music posters: black silhouettes outlined in white glimmer, with giant rainbows of hair. By the time I'm next to them, I don't even see humans.

'Are you the Shulgins?' I ask.
'Yes,' they approximately say.

'You... are... fucking... POETSSSSSS,' I return.
It felt like it took me a year to say those words. The Shulgins, shee-it!, they were quick!;

Ann: 'Later. Tonight, maybe.'
me: 'What?'

Sasha: 'Tonight we should be fucking some poets.'

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funkspiel said...

Fuck the fucking poets, the fucking poets are fucked.