Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Mütter Museum

Via the always fascinating gmt9 (-15), photographs from the Mütter Museum on the Portuguese site Lost Art > Mütter Museum:

From Lost Art

From Lost Art

From the Mütter Museum's website:

In 1858, Thomas Dent Mütter, retired Professor of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College , presented his personal collection of unique anatomic and pathological materials to The College of Physicians of Philadelphia . Our collection now boasts over 20,000 unforgettable objects. These include fluid-preserved anatomical and pathological specimens; skeletal and dried specimens, medical instruments and apparati; anatomical and pathological models in plaster, wax, papier-mâché, and plastic; memorabilia of famous scientists and physicians; medical illustrations, photographs, prints, and portraits. In addition, we offer changing exhibits on a variety of medical and historical topics.

Our Treasures

Our one-of-a-kind treasures include:

  • The plaster cast of the torso of world-famous Siamese Twins, Chang & Eng, and their conjoined livers
  • Joseph Hyrtl's collection of skulls
  • Preserved body of the "Soap Lady"
  • Collection of 2,000 objects extracted from people's throats
  • Cancerous growth removed from President Grover Cleveland
  • Tallest skeleton on display in North America

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