Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Photographic Darkroom Where The Reality Photographs Are Actually Produced

The Khronos Projector
"the night as a dark eye in the middle of a luminous sky"

Incidentally, one image in Nova Express keeps coming back to me and I don’t quite understand it: the gray room, “breaking through to the gray room.”

I see that as very much like the photographic darkroom where the reality photographs are actually produced. Implicit in Nova Express is a theory that what we call reality is actually a movie. It’s a film, what I call a biologic film. What has happened is that the underground and also the nova police have made a breakthrough past the guards and gotten into the darkroom where the films are processed, where they’re in a position to expose negatives and prevent events from occurring. They’re like police anywhere. All right, you’ve got a bad situation here in which the nova mob is about to blow up the planet. So The Heavy Metal Kid calls in the nova police. Once you get them in there, by God, they begin acting like any police. They’re always an ambivalent agency. I recall once in South America that I complained to the police that a camera had been stolen and they ended up arresting me. I hadn’t registered or something. In other words, once you get them on the scene they really start nosing around. Once the law starts asking questions, there’s no end to it. For nova police, read technology, if you wish.

From The Paris Review Interviews: William Burroughs
PDF of the Interview

Amazon Link: Nova Express by William Burroughs



"We can do things with the social environment... this is now taking data from everybody... the entire collective memory of visually what the earth looks like... and link all of that together. All of those photos become linked together and they make something emergent that's greater than the sum of the parts."
- Blaise Aguera y Arcas

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